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From broken down racehorse, to 20 year old dressage horse!
Any horse can do dressage, and dressage is good for any horse. This type of training is about improving the balance and responsiveness of the horse, helping him to use himself in a way that he stays sounder for longer. He becomes a joy to ride as he gets to be more tuned into his rider and capable of responding in a coordinated way to even the lightest of aids. Competition dressage is easier with a horse bred for the sport, but even the unlikeliest of horses can have success if they are trained carefully and systematically. Dressage training can also be used as a foundation for a horse that will go on to be a hunter, jumper, eventer, or trail horse!
Any rider can do dressage, and dressage is good for every rider! Whether you want to make your way up the levels, or just have a better seat or ride with more confidence and finesse, dressage is the key. As you learn to coordinate your seat with your horse’s movements, and then use your seat to influence your horse’s movements, you’ll find your ability to ride comfortably and with quiet aids improve. Your partnership with your horse will develop, and you’ll feel more confident that he’ll do what you ask him to without a fight, whether you’re asking for fancy lateral work, a big jump on a cross country course, or to please not bang your leg against that tree on the narrow trail!
As you work your way through the tutorials, you’ll learn about many concepts that you’ve probably heard of – like what it means to have your horse “connected” and “on the bit”. You’ll also learn specifically how each movement should be ridden, and why – it’s gymnastic benefit. As you come to a deeper understanding of these pieces, using dressage elements to train your horse will make a lot of sense!
Learning how to train a horse is just as important to your ultimate success as knowing what you want him to do! Especially if you are working mostly on your own, you’ll need tools to set a schedule for yourself and your horse that keeps both of you improving without burnout. Feeling the small successes along the way of this very long journey is essential to enjoying each step of the way, for both horse and rider! Using light aids and positive reinforcement creates a partnership between horse and rider so that both can enjoy the work.
Riding is not only fun, it’s also great exercise! One of the bonuses of getting yourself in a more organized riding program is that you’ll find yourself working more consistently at improving your strength and skills, taking your and your horse’s fitness up a level. As you work through these exercises, you’ll be constantly challenging yourself to improve, pushing yourself to be better than you were yesterday. You’ll discover your weaknesses, and you’ll find tips for improving them!

Correct Training to Bring Out the Best in Any Horse

Dressage training goes way, way back to when man depended on horse for survival. Whether it was riding into battle or into town, having a safe, sound, reliable mount was essential. As modern horses have gotten more and more amazing, it’s become harder to find training that can develop a more “average” horse up the levels. But for many of us, we look at our “not bred for dressage” horses and see the potential… if we only we could get a little help bringing it out! This is the beauty and joy of dressage, more deeply satisfying than anything else, and it’s available to you here for less than the cost of a lesson at a premier show barn where fancy horses are mass produced and normal horses are overlooked entirely.

3 Elements Come Together For Your Success:


From Basic Position to Advanced Lateral Work, these tutorials will help you understand the concepts and apply that knowledge to your customized training program. ┬áThis is dressage for any horse, to improve his body and mind, build a better relationship between hors and rider, and the fact that you’ll be able to ride great tests if you so choose is bonus!


Share your journey with friends, celebrating each other’s progress and helping each other through challenges,the forums are a great place to make friends and expand your knowledge. Get to know my horses and follow along with my training journey with my blog updates.

Arena Exercises

Tons of ideas for patterns to ride and exercises to do in your daily work, both to improve yourself and to move your horse up the levels! Browse through the complete library and choose a few to try today, or get suggestions as you advance through the tutorials.

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Three Easy Steps to Better Riding

Watch the Tutorial

You’ll find tutorials on everything from choosing the right bit, to training your horse to do a shoulder-in. With detailed descriptions, images, and videos to help you understand what you’re learning, you’ll head to the barn armed with knowledge.

Ride the Exercises

Browse Arena Exercises, or select the ones suggested by the tutorial you are working on. As you work through the arena exercises, you’ll have a chance to practice the skills you are developing, with plenty of hints and tips to help you succeed!

Submit Video for Review

For the ultimate interactive experience, submit monthly videos and get a detailed critique with suggestions to improve or the encouragement you needed to take it to the next level! This helps keep you motivated and working hard on your own, and is a safety net so you can’t get stuck.
Harmony, partnership, confidence, pride… dressage can do wonderful things for you and your horse!
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Any horse, any breed

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Arena Exercises Only

Lots of inspiration to keep your rides fresh!
  • For riders that already have a solid foundation in dressage
  • Many ideas to keep your rides interesting
  • Creative blends of movements to give you plenty of practice without over-riding tests
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