Horses are all different, and what works on one won’t always work on another. Nothing shared here is meant to be considered the only way to train a horse, and there will always be a horse or a situation that breaks any rule that can be made.  You need to use your good judgement in applying any advice or technique found here, and decide if it works for you and your horse. There is no training technique or magical tack in the world that will fix a horse with a physical problem. Horses are big animals, and have their own minds. They can be dangerous and react unexpectedly. Any advice you find on here should be considered a suggestion or something that possibly might help you and your horse, but not everything will fit your situation, and all of this is meant to be helpful to a rider safely and appropriately matched with her horse. Always consult with your regular trainer and vet. Riders learn best when paired with a horse that has an appropriate level of training and temperament for the rider’s experience and desired athleticism, if you find yourself in a mis-matched partnership, for your sake and your horse’s, get professional help. Be careful and keep this journey enjoyable and safe for everyone, two- and four-legged!


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