Ottb vs Warmblood: Training Two Fillies

Sofiya and Boogie Rose

Two fillies, both about to turn 4, are beginning dressage training. One came from the track, the other from the breeder’s field. Each horse requires a slightly different approach, and each one offers a few advantages over the other, as well as a few drawbacks. Here’s a side-by-side comparison. Filly #1: Boogie Rose, 15.2 hand bay OTTB This pretty girl is dainty and elegant. Light on her feet, with athleticism to spare. She’s a worker-bee and thrives on exercise and discipline. She likes routine, attention, and is at her best when her energy is channeled into work. She also has…

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A One-Eyed Thoroughbred Takes His Ammy to Grand Prix

Bugsy the one-eyed thoroughbred competing at Grand Prix

Here’s a story to make you wonder “What’s my excuse?”, and inspire you to go ride the horse you have.  A reminder of the simple things that are so important, and encouragement to keep trying through the challenges. It is a bumpy road and there will be set backs, but above all else, enjoy each moment and don’t let anyone tell you that you or your horse aren’t good enough for dressage. Make it a New Year’s Resolution, or better yet, start today, but know deep down that every horse has hidden potential waiting to be discovered, and gifts to offer the open-minded…

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Conformation Transformation – Remy

When we look at a horse, one of the first things we usually notice is the horse’s conformation, or the way he’s put together. Different breeds produce different types of builds, and each discipline has a type that tends to do the work most easily. There are conformation flaws that can lead to soundness problems, and there are conformation traits that are desirable for one discipline and avoided for another. When stallions are advertised for breeding, the ad often features a picture showing his conformation. When horses are listed for sale, buyers often want to see a conformation picture as…

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