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Proof the Horse Does NOT Do All the Work

How many times have you been told horseback riding is not exercise, all you do is just sit there while the horse does all the work? Our sore legs and abs after a good lesson tell us otherwise, but it’s hard to help someone understand that without putting them on a horse. And I’ve never Read More


Myler French Link Bits

Anyone who knows me (or even follows me online) knows I’m a total bit nerd. My big dream someday is to have a lab set up where I can x-ray and pressure test different bits under different conditions. I have spent countless hours trying different bits on my horses to see how they lay in Read More

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Micklem Bridles

I love the fact that I’m seeing these bridles get more popular, I’m taking that to be a sign that more riders are choosing tack with their horse’s comfort in mind. The Micklem bridle was designed to avoid facial nerves and pressure points on the horse’s face, and to fit comfortably by leaving room around Read More

cair panels

CAIR Panels – Not What I Expected

I’m the curious sort. I love to take things apart and see how they work. I love my Wintec and Bates Isabell saddles.  They are so adjustable, and I can open them up and change the gullet plates and add shims to fit my horse, and change it as often as I need to.  I Read More